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2016-06-30 20:34

I have heard people say it is a man's three treasure, belts, shoes and watches, of course, we were also heard many different versions, each version but ultimately belt. In ancient times, a man carrying waist hanging bow, sword, grind stone, abacus, etc. It is a symbol of identity and status of the ancient man. In martial arts, we often see a man dressed in long hair, dressed in a white cloak, the waist with a biting coldness sword, and the sword hanging belt must also be a description of the dragon embroidered phoenix Belt do not know is the sword of coldness cold foiling refined depiction thin belt or belt with sword drawn off from the first line of this one, we can conclude that he is a martial arts master, this time, the China Leather Belts is a symbol of identity and status.
Man of the belt like a woman's lipstick, a lipstick for their own brand is essential for a woman, a woman full face lips easier enriched place, but women rarely receive a gift lipstick in addition to the personal preferences of selectivity lipstick stronger than the lips is very sensitive place, in addition to same-sex friends, the friends of the opposite sex in exchange relations have not reached a certain level is not going to send lipstick. Chance with this class, the men received a belt as a gift is also very small.

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Waist is human golden point, the body of a person is good or bad depends largely on the position of the person golden point. Man's body is generally "inverted triangle" type, this feature determines a man's waist attracted many eyes, and thus become necessary waist decoration, the decoration in ancient times was known as belts, now called the belt. Often sedate, handsome man, always at the waist to decorate this detail to deliberately doubled. Embossed on the belt and texture make a man look more stable and capable, the same demeanor temperament extraordinary men tie a suitable belt, the belt will make people think and people seamless, complement each other.
Broad-brush cowboy belt, leather woven belt, reflects the extraordinary masculinity. Men with waist matte, people in rough, rough among appreciate fine beauty; patent leather crocodile pattern with cracks, so elegant at the same time highlighting the men, there is a tangy flavor.
Belts for women, is dispensable, for women, a greater need for belt; but for men, if not the belt, is simply unimaginable. For a little attention to men, only one belt is very rare, it is said a man needs eight shirts, six ties, four belt ...... Maybe someday, belt and tie, as will be the exclusive preserve of men. At that time it will represent man's identity, taste and personality.
Belt changes in the trend, largely completed by the hook. Hook shape, size, style also showed a man's charm. Pure golden hook buckle, highlight the noble; brass hooks, highlighting man's calm and strength; large "back" -shaped buckle fully reveal the man's fortitude; oval buckle is demonstrated mature man; the square represents man good conduct.
Classic men steady, calm, subtle, classic belt simple, elegant, tough. For example, a combination of black leather belt with a silver buckle and white classic, concise and easy to show men clear character.
Romantic temperament of the man will always attract a lot of women's attention. However, the man's romance may be different as a woman emotionally ups and downs, he is more reticent. Thus a man's belt, although unlike varied as to a woman, but a glance. Changes men belt always nuances in inadvertently passed.
Since ancient times, the waist is the focus of attention, expect this soft and sexy waist physiological significance relevant, however, a woman's waist look is enchanting, is style; a man's waist is reflected in the taste. When linked with the ancient jade, sachets development today, men waist taste, only need a simple and tough belt is enough.
Quality of life is in the details, the details determine success or failure. Man's taste, is an attitude to life, it is an intangible wisdom and wealth.

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