Belt buckle was a big thing, not sloppy!

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Therefore, today we have to look at Hooked
See ancient people "belt buckle" What kind of
Belts are integral part of the dress. Initially, the man with a belt to fasten the lower part and cover the knee, the woman with a belt to tighten clothes. The first belt may be used with other animals veins wisteria vine plants shall be made. To the Shang and Zhou dynasties, belts people have used silk weaving and leather production, and other styles. Initially, people with a way to tie waist belt. Later, with the development of the handicraft industry, hooked applications was born, and soon developed exquisite handicrafts become a widely used.
china belt buckle
Hooked appeared about the late Western Zhou Dynasty, popular in the Warring States period to the Han dynasty, during this period excavated ancient ruins and tombs, unearthed a large hook.
Most are very simple hook shape, hooked head includes a hook, the hook body and a hook button three portions, one end of which is usually flat shank section, there is a button above the hook. The other end was a thin, curved hook body, hook the top of the body is a curved hook first. This is the most common shape, but there are few or no hook shaped button hook.
Use hooked roughly three
belt buckle
The first end of the hook button embedded in the leather belt, so that the hooks facing out, first hook the hook at the other end of the perforated belt.
Second in a wide belt of the same size will be two or more hook side by side, in order to increase firmness.
Some nobles third belt, as was the identity of the belt is not perforated, and Yuhuan or copper rings on leather belt section means tops, then hung on the hook first ring.
belt buckle
Let's look at it in those ancient beautiful hook
china belt buckle
Japan and the United States show the art collections of the Warring States to the Han wrong gold inlay turquoise hook
belt buckle
Long Bird hooked, France Jimei Bo was collections
belt buckle
South Vietnam Tomb hook 36 (where the tomb 12)
This piece "golden hook Dragon" tomb unearthed in the right shoulder, it is interesting Yulong S-shaped tail broken, from both sides of the fracture artificial small hole, the copper wire may be used for repairing bundle. Qiong repair set at Kim Joo-tiger-shaped hook formed at just cover its repair, clever ingenuity, and also showed how important this was their master.
china belt buckle
Warring States jade inlay gilt glass inlay silver hook
china belt buckle
china belt buckle
Warring States jade inlay gilt glass inlay silver hook
1951 Henan Huixian solid M5 village unearthed silver gilt, cast hook ends embossed animal heads on both sides of the long-tailed birds; hook the front body inlay decoration three white ornaments, jade ornaments in the middle of both ends of each insert a hemispherical grain dragonfly eye glass beads; hook with white jade carved into a goose-shaped head. This was included in the third installment of the Stop hooked display heritage list.
Warring States Animal Mask topaz hook
Qufu City Cultural Relics Management Committee Confucian heritage Archives
1978 unearthed the ancient city of Qufu, Shandong Lu
belt buckle
London Eskenazi line agent
Sengoku wrong jade inlay silver gilt wild animal hook
Comprehensive "Jin Xiang Yu", "wrong gold and silver", "gilt" and other technology, is extremely exquisite.Aisi Ken Naqi born in 1939 in Istanbul, Turkey's Sephardic Jewish family, educated in London, fluent in six languages, familiar with Chinese culture and ancient art.
Belgium Gisele Croes line agent
Sengoku wrong rhino silver hook
china belt buckle
Han bronze horse, bird and bronze hook unearthed Erdos brand auspicious patterns
china belt buckle
Finally, the Taipei Palace Museum porcelain hook
No "belt" function for the Mid-Autumn device
Its back end Zuolong shape, body styling for the lute, behind buttoning. Qianlong kiln Pastel colors are rich ornamentation hook, different colors, patterns combination of up to eight, white, yellow, blue, purple and other colors on the ground painted decoration peach, Longevity, bats, butterflies and all kinds of treasure phase flower auspicious patterns composed; Longshou some red, blue, green, such as different colors.
About hook, you must know a few common sense
·Hooked aka "Xianbei", "rhinoceros border", "decorated than", "Xu error," etc., is waist belt hooks.
·Zhuangzi Quote: "punish those who steal hook, kleptocrats princes." Here the "hook" refers to the hook (But then again, any figure above stealing a hook, can be considered a large theft oh).
·People using the hook, not only for everyday needs, it is a status symbol, especially the nobility, celebrities hooked used very fine, with a high level of technology and artistic value.
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